Living with OCD - Episode 72

15 Things to Give Up - Part 3


This episode is the third installment of Andy and Julie's conversation about 15 Things to give up in order to be happy ( Today they cover numbers seven through ten which include giving up the luxury of criticism, giving up the need to impress others, giving up your resistance to change, and giving up labels. Though the things might be quite simple at first glance, there are layers of depth to each item on the list and many applications for OCD sufferers as well as others. Throughout this series Julie has had "ah ha" moments when she realizes something about her self she did not see before, and this episode is no different. If real change is going to happen then there have to be things that we are willing to give up and even though the "15 things" are not an exhaustive list they are important for us to take note of on our journey to wellness