Living with OCD - Episode 20

Interview with Traci - Part 1


In this episode Andy and Julie welcome their second guest to the show, Traci. They talk about Traci's history of OCD and the issues and events that shaped her life as a child. She shares a very pivotal event in her life that forced her into therapy for the first time even though not for the correct diagnosis. Traci discusses her home life and how that affected her OCD. She shares her journey through therapists and through misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis until she finally realized that what she had been struggling with her whole life was OCD. They discuss her current positive therapy experience and also the various medications she has been on over the years that have or have not helped. Julie and Traci's OCD are very similar and what follows is a lively discussion of two different people brought together by the common thread of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

As mentioned in the show the following is the link to a fellow OCD sufferer's blog about her struggles: