Living with OCD - Episode 77

Our Interview


In this episode the tables are turned and Julie and Andy are interviewed by a journalism student from England. They begin talking about how the podcast came about and what the idea was behind it in the beginning. Julie is then asked about how the podcast has helped her get a handle on her OCD as well as what things she has learned that she didn't know before in terms of OCD. Andy and Matthew then have a discussion about how the podcast has helped Andy and whether or not the popularity of the podcast has surprised him. They then talk about the feedback they receive from the show as well as the pace of the show and if that has been intentional. They finish the interview talking about advice they would give from people suffering from OCD as well as what they would say to co-sufferers. This interview is a nice break from the norm for Andy and Julie as well as an insightful look into the working of the podcast.