Living with OCD - Episode 60

OCD Texas Conference - Part 2


In this episode Julie and Andy continue their discussion of the OCD Texas Conference they attended in Grapevine in February. They talk about the various sessions and what impact each of them had on their lives in a very personal way. They discuss the keynote speaker Ray St. John and highlight his journey from dealing with debilitating OCD to true victory over it through Exposure Response Prevention (ERP).  The most encouraging part of the conference had to be the Adult and Youth success panels and Julie talks about how inspiring all those people were and how they gave her renewed hope that she can have a life without her daily OCD struggles. The last part of the day was spent in individual support groups and Andy was given the opportunity to meet other supporters from around the state and build a common bond with them of loving someone with OCD. The day was a celebration of victory over OCD and in the same manner this episode brings hope and inspiration that life with OCD does not have to be a death sentence.