Living with OCD - Episode 58

Therapy Session 2


Andy and Julie continue their discussion about Julie’s new therapist and dig deeper into what happened after her first session and during her second session. They talk about the relationship between anxiety and OCD and how the proper level of anxiety that is present in everyone is heightened in people with OCD. The concept of “uncomfortableness” is discussed in relation to Julie’s OCD and how that phenomenon has made her believe that the only way to live is to keep her OCD routine and avoid any and all chances of being uncomfortable.  The episode ends with an in-depth conversation about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and what it is, how it can help people with OCD and what the advantages are of undergoing it as opposed to other forms of therapy. This episode lets us get a glimpse into Julie’s mind and see why her OCD took root in her early life and why it continues to affect her today.