Living with OCD - Episode 9

Nature vs. Nurture


This is the episode where we finally get back to the Nature versus nurture topic that was the reason for hearing all of Julie's back story. We discuss whether Julie believes her OCD is a result of her genes (nature), whether it is a result of her environment (nurture), or whether it is some combination of the two. We talk about factors that contribute to the development of OCD and whether or not a person can "relearn" behaviors started in childhood and in essence "rework your own brain patterns and functioning." Julie also elaborates on how one child can differ from another child raised in the same home based on brain functioning and levels of serotonin. This episode is an interesting exploration of how a person with OCD attributes their disorder to not just one single factor but perhaps a combination of two factors. Nature vs. Nurture may be the topic that there is no definite answer to.