Living with OCD - Episode 80

Pam Interview - OCD and Schools


In this episode Julie and Andy interview Pam who is an advocate for children with disabilities in schools. She talks about her work with kids and adults, the main types of disabilities that are recognized in the American school system, as well as the I.D.E.A. legislation that is set up to protect students. Pam discusses what the biggest obstacles are for kids with OCD in schools are as well as how important it is for teachers and parents to be alert and aware of the signs that a student may be struggling with OCD or a different disability. Parent-teacher communication is paramount in detecting the early signs of a school age child dealing with OCD. To end the episode Pam asks Julie some questions about her childhood and what it was like for her to be a student that struggled with OCD and if she had access to school counselors or other adults that she could talk to. This interview is very important and sheds light on a topic that is often overlooked when thinking about OCD.