Living with OCD - Episode 70

15 Things to Give Up - Part 1


In this episode Julie and Andy talk about "15 things that you should give up in order to be happy," a list they found on that is gaining in prominence on the web. There are many things that cause us stress and suffering but instead of letting them go we cling to them. The hope in discussing this list is that if we give up these things we will allow ourselves to be stress free and happy, something that people with OCD long to be. The first thing they talk about it giving up the need to always be right, something that Julie struggles with because of her OCD. The second thing they discuss is giving up your need for control and the third is giving up on blame. Andy has a couple personal stories that highlight these topics and the resulting conversation leaves Julie realizing that these are things she desperately needs to put into practice in order to free herself. The list has general principles we all should take to heart but for someone with OCD it has deeper meaning for how we should live our daily lives while still struggling with this mental disorder.