Living with OCD - Episode 66

Julie's Update and Listener Questions


In this episode Julie and Andy talk about the difficulty of being in the middle of increased anxiety and still recording a show for all to hear. Julie has been having a rough time with a spike in anxiety that has left her at a loss of where it came from, why it is hanging around, or how best to deal with it. This anxiety seems different to Julie and reminds her of when she was a child and had that sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach for seemingly no apparent reason. After they talk through this they continue the show with answering a listener's email talking about ruminations and how to stop them when they are about real life things such as pets that have passed away. Julie has plenty of experience with ruminations herself and shares how she experienced very similar obsessions when her dog was killed and is now fighting hard not to have the same thoughts while leaving her daughter for a weekend away. This podcast is not always about the good times and the successes along the way but as this episode highlights, sometimes it is about the difficult times and about putting one foot in front of the other and just simply making it through one more day.