Living with OCD - Episode 65

Julie's Latest "Flake Out"


In this episode Julie and Andy talk about recent events in their lives and how a slow downward spiral over the last week caused Julie to have a panic attack episode the likes of which she has not experienced in a number of years. They talk about what caused the episode to happen and then how she dealt with it once she was in the middle of it. Julie shares how her anxiety got so high and her fears got so overwhelming that at one point she would have harmed herself were there anything around to do so with. Thankfully after a period of time she was able to recover and Andy was able to help her calm down. It is important for Julie to learn something and grow from this experience so they continue their discussion talking about what she did learn and how she was able to come out of it unharmed. They end by talking about the next steps Julie needs to take in order to deal with the issues that have cropped up and how she can become a stronger and more well-adjusted person from going through these things. This episode is an honest and open discussion of the real issues that face Julie and Andy everyday and how they are willing to share them if it will help someone else through a similar struggle in their life.