Living with OCD - Episode 61

Therapy Session 3


In this episode Julie and Andy talk about Julie’s third therapy session and how her therapist gets down to the “nitty gritty” of why Julie does certain OCD behaviors and what the meaning behind them is. Three main topics are discussed which are value, worth and control. It is only when Julie is able to really get a handle on these issues that she is able to recognize the past patterns she has had and in turn recognize what she needs to change in order to start down the road to healing. Following this discussion Julie and Andy next turn their focus to a recent “flake out” that Julie had, a flake out like no other where Julie was left stunned by the control she saw her OCD having when it was threatened. The whole issue revolved around ERP and around Andy no longer enabling her and what resulted from the smallest of issues suddenly blew up into the largest flake out Julie has had in a long time, she felt physically ill, numb, emotionally drained and left with the knowledge that what is left of her OCD is not going to go away quietly, it is going to fight hard to stay in control and it is going to challenge anyone who stands in its way, including Andy.