Living with OCD - Episode 57

Julie and Her New Therapy


After a hiatus of over a year Andy and Julie are back with all new podcasts. Where have they been, why did they take such a long break, why are they back now and lots more questions are answered in this welcome back episode. Andy and Julie discuss how their lives are different now than a year ago, as well as what the future of the podcast. Of course the subject of Julie’s OCD is talked about and she shares how it is different from last year and what has changed to have made it improve. Therapy is also an important topic of this episode as in 2011 Julie decided to seek help again and this time finally found someone who gets her and even more importantly gets OCD. The hope for the future is evident in Julie’s voice and she gives a glimpse into her first session and how it was different from all the previous ones. The future is bright and Andy and Julie invite to embark on the journey to wellbeing with them.