Living with OCD - Episode 56

Aubrey Interview - Part 2


In this episode Julie and Andy welcome Aubrey back to the show for part 2 of her interview. This week they delve a little deeper into Aubrey’s struggles over the years. As people with OCD know sometimes problems are not strictly relegated to pure OCD, sometimes other co-morbid struggles abound as is the case for Aubrey. She shares about her past behaviors as well as some of her current ones including anorexia, hair pulling and mild hoarding. Julie is fascinated by the similarities that these issues have with OCD and really gains an insight into how easily some other these behaviors can occur if you already have OCD. They talk about how medication and therapy have helped and also about different coping mechanism they have formed over the years. This episode is one of honesty and resilience in the face of numerous struggles and should be a great listen for everyone.