Living with OCD - Episode 55

Aubrey Interview - Part 1


This episode Julie and Andy welcome Aubrey to the show. Aubrey is a 28 year old living in Texas who remembers struggling with OCD as far back as she can remember. She talks about how severe her OCD is and when she first noticed it in herself through a therapist telling her she had it. Julie and Aubrey discuss some of their similar obsession and compulsions while Aubrey also shares some obsessions unique to her such as a fear of committing suicide and a fear of water and the need to be completely dry. On the compulsion side Aubrey discusses cuticle picking, hair pulling, scab picking and checking locks. This is part one of a two part interview with a brave woman who has tried several different medications along with several different therapists and has made huge strides done the road to recovery from OCD. You will here about her desire for a family, about what she believes is the cause of her OCD as well as where she sees herself in the future. This is an episode you don't want to miss.