Living with OCD - Episode 39

Jennifer and Cade Interview - Part 2


In this episode Julie and Andy welcome back Jennifer and Cade to the show for a couples interview. Cade shares what it's like being in a relationship with someone with OCD and the struggles and challenges that it inevitably presents. They talk about Jennifer's tendencies towards ROCD as well as how Cade realizes when his fiance is heading towards a "spike" and how he combats that. Andy and Cade discuss how they can best support their partners and how they do things many things in that regard that probably go unnoticed. The episode ends with Jennifer and Cade talking about their future wedding plans and how the stress of planning such an event may affect their relationship. They give advice to listeners and co-sufferers about the things they believe are most important when being in a relationship with an OCD sufferer. This interview provides a unique look into the various aspects of the relationship side of OCD.