Living with OCD - Episode 36

Question and Answer Show - Part 5


In this episode Julie and Andy answer more listener questions from the past couple of months. They talk about the holidays and how many people with OCD seem to struggle at this time for various reasons. Julie answers a questions about Vitamin B being shown to help with OCD symptoms and also a question about how relabeling OCD as anxiety can help as far as therapy and recovery goes. They discuss the issue of focusing and learning and whether a person with OCD learns differently than a person without OCD. This leads into an interesting discussion of "brain pain" vs. "brain numbness" and the value Julie has come to place on this numbness apparently at the cost of certain goals and aspirations. They close out the show talking about social phobia, the most distressing part of OCD and Andy and Julie's favorite analogies for the disorder. Another thought provoking episode based on great listener questions.