Living with OCD - Episode 33

Question and Answer Show - Part 4


This episode is another part in the continuation of Andy and Julie answering listener questions. The question posed today is "are there any other areas of your life affected by OCD that you may not have talked about?" and what follows is a lively discussion which Julie likes to term her "obsessional confessional." She talks about her obsession with safety and locking every car door as well as her obsessive need to think her thoughts in order to get a task done. She discusses how OCD affects her when looking at pictures of herself and how her need for neatness and evenness crops up when it comes to eating food. Other topics covered included the obsession of counting things on fingers, office neatness and appearance, Facebook updates and skin picking. A wide variety of topics are discussed in this episode to the extent that even Andy is surprised by some of them. Today's conversation is another good reminder of how OCD can affect even the most minute areas of a person's life.