Living with OCD - Episode 32

Question and Answer Show - Part 3


In this episode Julie and Andy continue with their listener interview questions. They give an update on Julie's pregnancy and how that is doing in regards to her OCD and general level of anxiety. Julie talks about that feeling that something is just "not right" in regards to relationships and how that can build over time until she is forced to "spew" everything to the complete surprise of those around her. She also talks about how random thoughts and comments seem to come out of nowhere when engaged in general everyday conversation and the thought patterns behind this. Having a vivid memory is also talked about in this episode as well as how Julie deals with Andy's female friends and ROCD. They end the show by talking about dreams that just seem so real they stick with you the whole day and take an extreme emotional toll, strangely these dreams always seem to revolve around OCD issues. This episode explores the answers to another set of interesting listener questions.