Living with OCD - Episode 30

Interview with Charlotte - Part 2


This week Julie and Andy continue their conversation with Charlotte in France. They talk about how Charlotte is very involved in awareness groups for OCD including She shares how she recently went to their conference and some of what took place there over two days. She talks about how she edits the "Compulsively Yours" magazine and about her blog Obsessively Compulsively Yours. They talk about avoidance and how this is a big issue for Charlotte as well as how OCD has stigmatized her. A lot of time is spent talking about Charlotte's family and how they are affected by her struggles. She shares her thoughts on whether she will let people know about her interview on the podcast and how she sees her future in terms of her OCD. She mentions the book " Overcoming OCD" by Dr. David Veale highly recommends it for other listeners. Charlotte shares her view on OCD being managed and not cured and ends the show by giving some advice to listeners. This episode is a great conclusion to Charlotte's two part interview on her daily struggles with OCD.