Living with OCD - Episode 28

Question and Answer Show - Part 1


This episode is the first part of Andy and Julie's question and answer show. In this episode they answer the first five questions that have been submitted by listeners. They talk about how you can know if what you are experiencing is OCD or not, and how you can know if you are morally ok despite the fact that you may experience intrusive thoughts. They answer a question about parenting and how a parent can help their child without being overbearing or controlling. They also talk about getting a dog and how this has affected Julie's OCD by either making it worse or making it better. The last question they deal with is that of how OCD affects their physical relationship. This is an issue that has not been talked about in the past because it is obviously one of a sensitive nature but they talk about it here in the hope that someone will be helped knowing they are not alone in this aspect of their OCD struggles either. So buckle up for the Sex episode, it's the one that's been along time in the making.