Living with OCD - Episode 27

Interview with Bernie - Part 2


This is part 2 of Bernie's interview with Julie and Andy. They talk about a number of issues this week including things that both Bernie and Julie have used as coping mechanisms for their OCD. Bernie shares about his friends and family, if having OCD has stigmatized him in anyway and if as result of this show he will share more about his struggles with those close to him. Bernie also shares the story of how having a serious surgery caused him to temporarily forget about his OCD. He talks about his tendency towards ROCD and how this has affected past relationships and those he may enter into in the future. They close the conversation by talking about how the show has helped Bernie and what other avenues he thinks Julie and Andy could explore in the future. This episode is yet another insightful view into the life of fellow OCD sufferer and includes a candid discussion on both the good and the bad things things that go along with that.