Living with OCD - Episode 26

Interview with Bernie - Part 1


In this part one of a two part episode Julie and Andy welcome their first male guest, Bernie to the show. He shares his story of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. They talk about Bernie's recent experience with therapy after being told by a friend that they suspected he had OCD. This leads to a discussion of the different types of medication Bernie has been on over the past few years. They then talk about the physical and emotional side effects that such psychiatric medicine inevitably leads to and the struggles that come along with that. Bernie also shares about his childhood and how the history of mental illness in his family made growing up difficult. He talks specifically about the form his obsession and compulsions take and about how the intensity of these compulsions increase during stressful times in his life. This is a frank and open discussion of some of the yet untouched issues of OCD in regards to this show. Bernie has many insightful things to share from his daily struggles with OCD.