Living with OCD - Episode 24

Interview with Holly - Part 1


In this episode Julie and Andy welcome their third guest, Holly to the show. Holly is a therapist specializing in OCD and her insights and knowledge provide a different and insightful view of the disorder. In this first of a two part episode Julie and Holly talk about her background as a therapist and how she came to specialize in treating OCD. She talks about her practice and what types of therapy she uses as well as who the OCD sufferer is and what treatment involves as far as diagnosis, length, homework, and success. They continue their discussion to include how the family can contribute to treatment and how partners can help the sufferer. The podcast ends with a discussion of Holly's nature vs. nurture view on OCD and her advice to listeners who are thinking about starting therapy. This podcast is a must listen for people wanting to gain a professional's insight on OCD!