Living with OCD - Episode 23

ROCD - Relationship OCD - Part 2


Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Episode 23
In this episode Andy and Julie continue their discussion of Relationship OCD in the second of a two part show. They focus on the partner of the sufferer in this conversation and talk about how ROCD affects them specifically. They also discuss whether there is something that makes ROCD worse or triggers an episode and how you may be able to recognize the signs. Other points of discussion include if a person regrets what happens after they have confronted a partner and why after numerous confrontations a partner would choose to stay with someone with ROCD. They continue the episode by talking about what a person can do to help the sufferer and what steps could possibly be taken if it comes to the point of getting a partner help for their struggles. Julie shares how ROCD has affected her life and also her life with Andy since they met and started dating. She finishes by giving her thoughts out the overall outlook for someone struggling with ROCD. Personal stories and new insights makes this another interesting episode.