Living with OCD - Episode 21

Interview with Traci - Part 2


In this episode Julie and Andy continue their conversation from last week with their guest Traci. They discuss Traci's theory on the origin of her OCD and whether or not it is due to brain chemistry, her environment and upbringing, or a combination of the two. Traci opens up about her relationship with her husband and what it is like for him dealing with her OCD on a daily basis. She talks about her children and how they are affected by her panic episodes and subsequent profuse apologies. Finally, they wrap up their conversation by talking about what kind of future Traci sees for herself in relation to her OCD. Traci gives some good advice to listeners and shares her story of how she found the podcast and what benefit she has gained from it. This is the ending of a story of a very brave soul who has prevailed despite her circumstances and continues to fight the good fight against her OCD.