Living with OCD - Episode 15

Self-Mutilation - Part 1


In this episode Andy and Julie address the topic of Self-Mutilation or cutting. We learn about Julie's struggle with his during her teenagers years and early adulthood. It is an emotional episode but a topic that needs to be discussed nonetheless. Just like OCD, cutting can become a lonely and isolating disorder and the goal again is to make people feel that they are not alone, that someone understands their struggles. Julie talks about her personal history with cutting and also about the characteristics of self-mutilation in general. They also postulate as to whether cutting is related in anyway to OCD and if perhaps one can "spring" from another and become just another way of coping with the obsessions going on inside a sufferer's head. Julie addresses why people injure themselves, what their motives are behind such a behavior and whether or not that person is  trying to take their own life. The discussion is open and honest but at times graphic as well, something necessary to convey the desperate nature of this issue.