Living with OCD - Episode 14

Turn the tables on Andy - The "Co-Sufferer" - Part 2


This episode is the second part of our discussion on how Andy is affected by Julie's OCD. Julie continues to ask Andy questions and pick his brain on what it's like to be a "co-sufferer" living with someone with OCD. The episode covers the area of what day to day life is like for Andy and how he handles Julie's compulsions and what worries him most about her OCD. Andy offers advice for listeners that may live or know someone with these same struggles and shares tips that he has learned over the years of living with Julie. They also discuss Andy's opinions on medication and therapy and whether there are other avenues he thinks Julie should pursue in order to help alleviate her OCD. The partner of someone with OCD is a vital person in the life of the sufferer and so that is why these two shows have been devoted to delving inside Andy's mind. What follows is sure to be intriguing not only for listeners but also for Julie and she finds out things she never knew before.