Living with OCD - Episode 13

LwOCD 013: Turn the tables on Andy - The "Co-Sufferer" - Part 1


In this episode we turn the tables so to speak and let Julie ask the questions while Andy is the one answering them. The hope for this episode is that we can give some insight into the thoughts and struggles of the "co-sufferer" living with someone who has OCD. This person may be a spouse, a partner, a parent or even a child or friend. Whatever the relationship it is important to view things from their perspective as they are also having to adjust to life in different ways when sharing that life with someone with OCD. We start with the topic of dating and marriage and discuss how that has affected Julie and Andy's life from when they first met to after they got married. The topic of the future and family is also included in this episode. Are there worries that Andy has about Julie's future or about children and how that will affect her OCD? This episode looks at OCD from a very different perspective-a very important perspective.