Living with OCD - Episode 12

Night Terrors and Sleep Paralysis


This episode of our podcast deals with everything having to do with sleep. We discuss three basic areas of sleep where Julie has difficulties. The first topic is that of general sleep disturbances and routines related to Julie's OCD. We talk about Julie's night time routines that must be accomplished in order to go to bed. The second is that of "Night Terrors" and what link, if any, this has to anxiety disorders and OCD in particular. We talk about what the difference is between a night terror and a nightmare. The last topic is that of a strange phenomenon known as "sleep paralysis" and what happens when Julie is affected by this. We discuss whether or not it has to do with OCD or whether it is simply a separate and individual occurrence. To close the episode we get an overall view of how the issue of OCD relates to Julie's overactive brain and her nightly occurrences of vivid and often disturbing dreams. Sleep is yet another aspect of Julie's life that is severely impacted by OCD as you will hear in this episode.