Help Us Continue the Show


We recently had some bad personal news in our life; Andy was told mid October that he was being laid-off from his job. Long story short he has since decided to go into business for himself and because of this news we have had to take a new perspective on the podcast and it's future. While the show itself is not terribly expensive to produce there are costs involved. Hosting and bandwidth costs are about $500 a year. While this is not very expensive and we fully intend to continue the show there were a few months where the outlook for the podcast was not that positive. To sum it up, if forced to decide between continuing to produce the show or making ends meet in our family, our family wins out. If in the future we are unable to afford to continue the show we want to be clear about what exactly that means. The actual recording and production of new shows is basically free for us. The costs incurred are the website subscription and the storage/bandwidth of the audio files. If we can't afford those costs not only will we be forced to discontinue new episodes but all the past episodes would no longer be available and the show would just disappear altogether. We do not want this to sound like we are begging for money because we are not, we WILL be continuing the show into the future. As a listener suggested to us, we simply want to make a way for those who are interested and want to ensure the future availability of the show to donate. If any donations are received any money received will only be used for actual costs of the show. Thank you for your thoughts and consideration in this matter and as always thanks for listening- your feedback and encouragement inspire us to continue the show. Here's to more podcasts to come and in the not too distant future, Episode 100!